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Since its creation in 2006, ENVASELIA Central de Envases S.L. offers integral packaging solutions for every market, distinguishing among different business lines  

Envaselia’s commitment is based on the client’s needs knowledge, placing them in the centre and providing them the best personalized attention, throughout a dedicated commercial team, which, from the delegations in Madrid, Cataluña and Levante, the entire peninsular territory is covered. Every service and product offered by Envaselia seeks the maximum customer satisfaction by providing them the latest trends and innovation in a market that is constantly changing. Thanks to the invaluable collaboration of the partners, Envaselia is leading the way in innovation, guarantee and security with all the current certifications available. 

The customer dedication that characterizes Envaselia in reflected in each service offered: 

• MANUFACTURER: The manufacture of customized packaging solutions is the speciality of Envaselia, by means of moulds, prototypes, customized designs development. 

• EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTANT: Envaselia in addition to manufacturer, is the exclusive representant of innovative brands in the packaging sector. 

• STORAGE AND DISTRIBUTION: Other important service offered by Envaselia, is the storage and distribution of selected references. It is possible to have customized orders adjusted to the client’s needs and a standard stock of the products, which has an immediate delivery and minimum quantity of a box.  

• STOCK AVAILABLE: Envaselia always has, many materials in stock available for its customers with an immediate delivery with the aim of giving them what they want when they need it. The difference with what it usually happens in these cases, is the minimum order quantity, the MOQ for Envaselia is a box, services are scaled in order to be adapted to every type of companies, from small businesses to big multinationals. 

With more than 5.000 standard references among caps, bottles, pumps, pill containers, sprays, tubes, jars, airless, etc…  

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