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BICOSOME is a skin science based company that develops and commercialises advanced skin and haircare ingredients using an exclusive patented delivery platform, the Bicosome® technology.
Bicosomes® are intelligent skin transporters composed by molecules from natural origin. These intelligent nanostructures mimic the skin transportation organelles, called the lamellar bodies, in composition, structure and functionality, being an advanced biological-mimicking system.
Once applied on the skin, the Bicosomes® are able to penetrate in a gentle way through the intercorneocyte spaces and to deliver the active molecules they are transporting into the appropriate skin layer, where the disorder is occurring. In this way, the transportation of molecules through the skin using Bicosomes® potentiates the efficacy of the active molecules.

Moreover, once the active molecules are delivered, the structures of the Bicosomes® per se, very similar to the dermic structures, get incorporated in the skin lipid matrix, reinforcing its architecture.

Bicosome® is intelligent, effective, biological and natural.

BICOSOME line of ingredients offers solutions for different conditions such as age acceleration, skin thinning, inflammaging, acne-prone skin, sun protection, hyperpigmented spots, pollution damage, etc., under cosmetic and dermocosmetic developments.

Commercial brands:

Bicosome® FS, Bicotene® Complex, Bicowhite® Complex, Bicomide® Sebum & Microbiome Control, Bicoalgae® XT, Bicoalgae® ω3, Bicohair® Anti Urban Pollution, Bicohair® Heat Protection, etc.

BICOSOME ingredients are marketed through a distribution network available on the corporate website. 

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